Monday, April 25, 2011

6 months


Weight: 17lbs 8oz - 50-75%
Length: 27.5" - 75-90%
Head: 17 3/8 - 50-75%

He peed all over his doctor today during his appointment. She was checking around to make sure he had 2 testicles and it shot out all over her!

At six months he:
- sits for long periods of time playing by himself. He'll just sit and look at toys for 30 minutes! (It's awesome! I don't remember Charlotte ever doing this)
- eats solids for lunch and dinner, but not that into it.
- laughs and smiles almost A LOT!
- thinks his sister hung the moon
- no crawling or scooting, but I think we'll see that by the end of the month. He gets his knees under him, but doesn't really go anywhere.
- he absolutely HATES being on his tummy, will only stay on it for a couple of minutes - hence the no scooting or crawling.
- does not sleep well at night - is up about 3x per night. It's driving me crazy.
- had just about the loudest high pitched cry I've heard on a baby.

He's just a bundle of cuteness and LOVES to cuddle. I can't wait to see the changes that the next few months brings!

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