Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

On Good Friday, we headed down to the lake to spend Easter with Judd's parents. The kids were pretty good in the car and we got there late afternoon. Not far behind us, the Crowes arrived - we were all excited to see them - but Charlotte was THRILLED that her cousins were finally there. She was attached to their hip all weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, after we had finished lunch and Max went to sleep, I sat down and was talking - then looked out on the back porch. Charlotte was just chatting away to Katie. She was using hand gestures and laughing - just having a big kid conversation.



Charlotte came down with a cold on Thursday, I asked Judd if he thought we should go down to the lake - he thought we did. So we went. Friday night her cough was pretty bad and Saturday she was really congested. But, she insisted on doing everything the big girls were doing and would NOT take a nap! It was pretty frustrating. So, you can imagine her mood during the Easter egg hunt at her grandparent's church.

This sums it up:

Things started to look up when the cupcakes were dished out, though.

We took her home that afternoon to try to force her to nap. It didn't work. Judd laid down and watched some TV with her - but then she looked at him and put a big smile on her face and said, "I'm in a good mood now Daddy - can I go swim at the dock?" She was right - she was in a much better mood the rest of the day. She crashed about 7:30 that night.

We went to the sunrise service on Sunday morning, then came back to the house to take some pictures and relax.


Poor Max - what's he gonna do with all these girls???


It is a good thing their dad is so hilarious:

After a big steak lunch, we all packed up and headed home. We all went to bed about an hour early on Sunday night! Once again, a wonderful Easter at the lake.

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Al & Nina said...

I'm so glad you did not let Charlotte's cold keep you at home. We enjoyed having all of you with us for the weekend. N