Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love you, Buster


After bath last night, Max was his usual post-bath fussy self. He was laying on a towel in his room while I was getting his pajamas and diaper ready. Charlotte came in, knelt down beside him, put her hands on his face and gave him a big kiss. She said, "I love you, Buster. I don't ever want you to go away, even when we're dead." (She's been talking a lot about "dead" lately - not sure where that's coming from) Then she just sat there while I got him ready for bed, touching his head, holding his hand.

If 3 year olds really correlate the feeling of love with the word, "love", I firmly believe Charlotte loves her brother. It is an amazing thing to watch develop.

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Sarah said...

That is so sweet! I saw this picture on your flickr stream and I absolutely adore it! Such a great shot!!