Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breastfeeding 0 : Bottle 1


When I came back from Tybee mid July, Max wasn't too interested in nursing. In fact, one night he pulled off and cried when I tried to nurse him. The bottle provides instant gratification, I guess I don't. He wouldn't latch back on, so I went down, made him a bottle, and told myself that this was the beginning of the end.

I had been thinking about weaning him for a little while - probably since he was 8 months or so. In order for him to not be too distracted when he nursed, I had to kick Charlotte out of whatever room I was in, close the door and have it be completely quiet. Since that is impossible when she is at home, it was becoming a frustrating task - for me, for Max, and for Charlotte. She always looked so hurt.

But, it is super easy to not deal with bottles when nursing. It is also super cheap. I really wanted to continue until he was a year. But, it just wasn't in the cards for us.

I gradually weaned him from daytime feedings. While at my parent's house at the end of July, I nursed him at night and in the morning. Since we've been back, I have stopped completely. I have some stored milk in the freezer that I have been mixing with formula to ease him into the change. He's doing just fine.

I'm a lot more sad about it this time than I was when I weaned Charlotte. I guess knowing that it is my last time.

I miss his little stomach against mine. I miss the way his hand always reached up and touched my face. I miss the closeness.

He is getting so big.

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Carrie Beth said...

Sorry he weaned himself, but glad that it was a smooth transition for him. I know I will feel the same way you do this time knowing it's the last time...