Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Boy

I love the way you carried your blanket around the house tonight when you got tired. A couple of times you stopped and laid your head on the floor while cuddling with your blanket. It almost makes me want to keep you up late so I can watch you do it. But I feel bad for you and carry you upstairs to put you to bed.

This afternoon, you and I rolled an airplane back and forth a few times together. I rolled it to you, then your little hand pushed it back over to me. Something so small, but it lets me know that you want to interact - you want to play and be a part of things. You are starting to learn more every day - you are at the stage where I feel like I can actually watch you learning. It is magical.

When we see someone you don't know, and you are feeling shy, you curl your head into my shoulder. Or, if you are on the floor, you'll bend your head down to the floor to break eye contact and look away. It is so darn cute to me.

You love to snuggle and cuddle. You pick things up with your chubby little fingers and hand them to me. I love it when you do that.

Maxwell - You are such a sweet boy - please stay my sweet little boy always.

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Emily said...

I love his expression. He is such a sweet boy.