Monday, September 5, 2011


It gets busy around here and blog posts build up.   Here's what's been happening around the Davis household.

  • Charlotte's first week of school went better than expected.  I was nervous about sending her 5 days a week - I didn't know how she'd do by the end of the week.  She didn't seem too tired by Friday morning, in fact, that was our best morning getting out the door.  She slept until after 8 AM on Saturday morning!!!  I think that may have only been the 4th time in her ENTIRE life she has slept that late.   I think I'm gonna like her going 5 days/week.
  • Speaking of getting out of the door in the mornings, I have changed up our routine.  Charlotte isn't allowed to watch any TV until she is completely ready for school - then she can watch a show until it is time to go.  Previously, she watched TV after breakfast, then around 8:15 we rushed around trying to get ready - there was whining, crying, yelling, etc - not pretty.  Our first morning with the new plan worked really, really well - everyone stayed happy!  Seems like I should have thought of that beforehand, but I didn't.
  • After 8 years with a garage sale purchased patio set, we pulled the trigger and bought a new patio set on Friday night.  We got a fabulous deal at Intown Ace Hardware and love it.  We had a delicious dinner of beef short ribs, collard greens, and black eyed peas al fresco Saturday night.  Now, if only Charlotte hadn't spilled her entire cup of milk on the brand new cushion within the first 2 minutes of dinner.   Case in point why you don't by really nice things when you have young children - just kinda nice things.
  • I bought a can of Chalk Paint at Roost on Saturday.  I read about this stuff and it sounds awesome.  I'm planning to paint our dining room table and chairs.  I haven't started yet - I'm nervous.  Hopefully this week I'll find some time and courage.  
  • I moved a notebook off of the desk one afternoon this week and Charlotte asked why I was moving it.  She then said, "but it's been there for ages."   She's 3 going on 65.
  • We were in the car yesterday after running a few errands.  We were talking about the Fall and what happens in the Fall.  Charlotte said, "Remember, err, remember, yesterfall? when we went to get the pumpkins?"  Cracked us up.  
  • The lovely Jen and her trusty assistant Mariel offered to watch the kiddos last night.  Judd and I had a lovely evening of car shopping and dinner.  
  • Speaking of car shopping, my car had to be towed away for the 2nd time this summer a couple of weeks ago.  This time, the catalytic converter went and melted a hose attached to my breaks (or something like that).  By the time I pulled into the driveway, I had to put all of my weight on the brake pedal for it to depress.  Only 3,000 miles left on the bumper to bumper warranty.  This car scares us.  However, I LOVE it.  It is the perfect size, really comfortable, pretty peppy for a station wagon.  But, I just can't trust it.  So, Judd's out car shopping.  We'll see what I end up with.


Sarah said...

oh my goodness PLEASE tell me where you got your new header?? It's adorable. Love it. And I love hearing what kinds of things come out of little kinds' mouths. We are always cracking up at that kind of stuff -- Connor's latest is "all my life".

Clh03uga said...

Totally feeling you on the "kinda nice furniture." We just bought me a minivan, and it was not a gizmos and gadgets line...Josh was apologizing for some of the features it didn't have when I quickly reminded him that we have 2 small children that try their hardest to destroy everything in their path. :) No luxury vehicles til they are in college...and then we'll be paying for their college tuition. *sigh*