Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bubble Boy

I have spent part of this morning, since coming back from urgent care, researching a bubble to put Max in for the next couple of years. From 6:30 PM last night until 8:30 AM this morning - a span of 14 hours, 11 of which he was asleep - he hit his head against a door jamb hard enough to leave a nice egg-sized bruise and cut his lip against a drawer.

 I was downstairs happily drinking a cup of coffee, browsing some blogs, when I hear Max start to cry and Judd say, "Carrie, he's bleeding!!". I look in Max's mouth to see a bunch of blood. I'm nervous that he hit his front teeth, again, and has hurt them. Then I see a huge cut in his lip. He is screaming his head off. Usually he calms down after just a couple of minutes, not so much this time. He continues to scream and scream. We make the decision to take him to urgent care to have it checked out.

Max and I are finally called back to see the doctor. She asks me what happens while she is looking at the huge bruise on his head and his puffy lip. Then she looks me in the eye and says, "So, what happened?" Like she didn't believe my story and was accusing me of something. I just calmly explained what happened and then she took a look at his lip and said - "he's fine, just don't let him eat anything like chips for a day." So, Max will be really disappointed that he doesn't get to eat his bag of Ruffles today - but other than that he'll be fine.

This kid is crazy. He is EVERYWHERE all the time. He wants to walk so fast he is practically running at times. It is just so foreign to me - Charlotte was not like this at all. I saw a Styrofoam helmet in a catalog the other day - I'm seriously considering buying it. I just really don't know what to do with him. I just hope he makes it through the next few months with his head and baby teeth in tact. But, I won't be surprised if he looks like a hockey player for his 2 year photos.


Rachel said...

Poor Max!! Sorry you had to go through all of that this morning!!

Sarah said...

You sound like me when I had Matthew! Matthew was nothing like Kathryn and I was at a loss for what to do with a busy, busy boy. I know it might not seem like it now, but with lots of deep breaths and extra prayers, he will survive baby- and toddler-hood :) By the time Matthew was three he'd had more trips to the ER and urgent care than I care to remember, and also had a total of three broken windows to his name, but he's still alive! Hang in there!!