Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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Charlotte got a "cramra" for Christmas last year from Aunt Rachel. Over the past month or so, she has finally figured out how to compose a picture and then take it. Before, she was just kinda running around snapping the shutter. This is how I found her this afternoon playing dollhouse.
She was so frustrated trying to see "sister's" face. It was covered by the cowboy hat. I told her she would have to get down lower and over to the side. I'm thinking of hiring her as my new intern.


Sally said...

Very sweet......I LOVE THIS ENTRY!

Rebecca said...

That's awesome! Zachary really took an interest in my camera over this past weekend, so we gave him my mom's old point & shoot. He's been running around snapping pictures of everything - people, cans of Diet Dr. Pepper, his dinner plate, the TV, you name it. Maybe I should give him a tutorial in composition, so he's not snapping everything willy nilly!