Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hand, Foot, and Mouth and my bra

Tuesday evening Max felt warm.  I took his temperature and sure enough it was high.  I put him to bed that night with a dose of Tylenol hoping for the best.  He didn't sleep very well that night and Wednesday didn't eat much.  He cried all day.  Followed me around with his arms in the air just crying.  If I even looked like I was going to take the pacifier out of his mouth he screamed.  He wasn't much better on Thursday and had what looked like bug bites all over his arms. 

Charlotte's school's consignment sale was this week at her school.  I am part of a team that runs the 12 registers we have for checkout.  It is quite a process.  We have computers, scanners, credit card machines - all that need to be set up, manned, tallied at the end of the sale, etc.  I had child care all lined up for Max so I could be there to help with all of it. 

Thursday, I strapped on the carrier and wore him on my back for 2 hours while I set up computers.  I took him home after that and he had a little nap.  I had a doctor's appointment for him at 3:20, but really debated taking him.  It was mostly likely viral - and there was nothing they could do for it.  I had to be back at the school at 4 for the big preview sale Thursday night.  He woke up from his nap miserable, decision made - I needed to take him to the doc.  I called Judd and asked him to meet me over at the doctor's office.

We get to the doctor's office.  Charlotte and Max were both very good while waiting.  Finally we are called back.  To my surprise, we don't even wait in the room that long until a doctor comes in - but it's an intern.  So, this intern proceeds to ask me a million questions while Max is wiggling and crying on my lap.  It takes this guy 5 minutes to check his ears.  At this point Max is screaming.  I pull him onto my lap and try to calm him down, but he's wiggling and trying to get the heck out of that room.  I couldn't really blame him - I kind of wanted to run out of there screaming too.

Judd arrives and walks into the chaos.

The real doctor finally comes in and asks to have Max up on the table.  I lift Max away from me and feel a draft.  I look down and between Max's wiggling and squirming, he has loosened all of the buttons on the top half of my shirt - my entire chest and bra are showing right in the doctors face.  I immediately pull Max back to my chest and try to button my shirt back up with one hand.  I can't even imagine what color my face is at this point.  Luckily the doctor (or intern) doesn't say anything.  I'm sure the intern is thinking that this is a great place to work!

The doctor checks Max out - verifies that it is Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  The poor kid has blisters all down his throat.  The doctor tells me that today is probably the worst day and it should get better from here out.

He was right, he has gotten better.  Each day he has been a little less fussy.  He still has blisters around his mouth, on both forearms and fingers - even his legs and feet.  I can't look into his mouth long enough to look at his throat.  He is eating a little better, though.  I'm not sure which is worse, though, dealing with a sick baby or having to listen to my husband's constant bra/doctor jokes.

I ended up only having to miss one of my shifts at the consignment sale - Friday morning.  Luckily Judd could move his schedule around to be home on Thurs and Friday late afternoon so I could work those nights. 

I guess if I've learned anything this week - it's not to wear button down shirts to the doctor's office.


Emily said...

Poor Carrie and Max. I haven't flashed a doctor yet, but I have dealt with hand, foot, and mouth disease. Katie had it when she was about Max's age and it was awful. Good luck and I hope he is feeling better.

The Johnsons said...

OMG, this is so funny. My heart aches for poor little Max, but I just died laughing out loud. That is definitely a story for the books that you guys will be telling for years and years. I can see it now, it's the rehearsal dinner for Max's wedding and somehow Judd will weave in a speech with a story of the time Carrie flashed the doctors!

Drena said...

Hilarious! Get better, little max!

Mel said...

Laughed out loud on this one...I can just picture it and the eyeroll that probably came from you as soon as you realized you were unbuttoned...HA!