Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Week

We're still here.  I'm excited to start this week.  Judd was in Rome for 6 nights last week and I was quarantined with Max and Charlotte at home - so it was a rough week.  We also were busy getting ready for a baby shower for Judd's cousin's wife held here on Sunday.  Luckly, Judd's parents came into town and rescued us.  They were a huge help from watching the munchkins to setting up for the shower. Judd got home Friday afternoon and I was SO happy to see him.

Today has been spent doing a lot of nothing.  We will probably just spend all afternoon at the park soaking up this weather.

This little dude was in a fabulous mood all weekend.  He's feeling 100% better and is all smiles these days.  He just plain awesome.



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Allison D said...

When did he get those top teeth? Holy smokes! That happened overnight. Glad you guys survived last week...we miss you!