Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Path


This year I drop you off in a different spot at school. The front of the church. There is a long path that you walk down to your building. Last week I watched you get out of the car, hoist your bag onto your shoulder, and walk down the path - like you belonged there - with such confidence. Your head was high and there was a bounce in your step - not once did you glance back. You know who you remind me of? Your dad. You have the same inner confidence that he has. I think it is something that, to a degree, you are born with. It is just in you. We help foster some more confidence on top - but I do think you have a little more than most to begin with.

It is bittersweet to watch you walk down that path. I'm so happy that you love school and are doing things more and more on your own. It makes me so sad to see the baby I held in my arms, what seems like yesterday, walking into a 3 year old class.

It makes me hopeful that you will continue to walk down whatever path comes your way with your head held high and a bounce in your step - just maybe look back to blow me a kiss next time.

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