Friday, October 14, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Charlotte likes to help me package orders up that I process from Some nights, I go ahead and package the orders after she is in bed. Let's face it - it takes about 1/3 of the time when I do it myself. She came downstairs on Thursday morning and saw two packages ready to go out. She said, "Mommy!! Did you do work without me??" (picture her with a really mean face and stomping her foot.) I said, "Yes, I needed to do them last night". She walked into the bathroom and slammed the door. After a few minutes I heard her say - completely to herself - "Stupid Mommy!" Even though I was hurt, I couldn't help giggle. I think Judd is right - we are in for some epic battles come the teenage years.

2. Max will be ONE YEAR OLD in 8 days. what?? We have family coming in town for a party next weekend and I don't really have a party planned. what????

3. Judd is helping with our church's barbeque tonight. Each year our church has a barbeque that feeds 5,000 people! It's huge. Tonight our Sunday School class does the "turning of the hams". He is there from 6-midnight turning hams. Sounds thrilling. I think he was looking forward to it, though. He'll get the inside scoop about the cooking of all of that barbeque. Ever since the Big Green Egg came into our life - it is a pretty big hobby of his.

4. I am the oldest. I always hated the words, "Just let her have it! It makes her happy!" Giving into the younger siblings because they can cry loudly. It's unfair to the older children. Do you know how many times this past week I said to Charlotte, "Just GIVE it to HIM! It will STOP him from CRYING!". I get it now.

5. This is what happened after Max's lack of nap today. Lots of wrestling with lovely light.





The boy LOVES a blankie.

I believe there is a smile under that pacifier.

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Drena said...

Oh, stupid mommy. I love it!