Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yesterday after lunch, I set Charlotte up at the table to paint. She had been bugging asking me if she could paint all day. Well, Max was just walking around the table crying, trying his hardest to see what his sister was up to. I remembered that I had a jar of baby food in the pantry and decided to set Max up with his own paper, paintbrush, and "paint".

He had a great time painting a masterpiece. painting5

He would watch what she would do, and then try to do it too. Very happy to be doing what his sister was doing.


But then the temptation was just too great and he had to stick that paint brush in his mouth to see what that paint tasted like.

That was the end of the painting and the beginning of a second lunch.


Emily said...

That is so cute!!

Allison D said...

I'm still in shock that he will be one next week! He is so adorable. (and hey, looks like you changed your wall decor behind your table?!)

carol said...

Try pudding the next time! Especially choc pudding! Don't know if Declan has done that before!