Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baltimore and Other Things

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Last Friday, Judd and I had the opportunity to leave the kiddos with Judd's parents and head up to Baltimore. Andrew, our brother-in-law, was turning 30 on 11.11.11 - how could we miss that? I think Andrew's been planning this party for years. Judd and I had an easy time traveling. We had a few hours before the party to just hang out, shop, and have lunch together. It was very relaxing. The party was great and I had a really nice time hanging out with my sister Rachel and her hubby Adam. It isn't often that I get a chance to talk to them, together. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving in just over a week. Rachel and Adam are hosting!

We woke up on Saturday and were able to visit a little while with Sally, Andrew, and Jacob before heading to the airport. Jacob is almost 6 months older than Max, but is about twice his size! He is so adorable. He warmed up to me a little Saturday morning and I was able to play with him some. He took to Judd, however, and Judd was able to carry him around for a while. I'm very interested to see how Jacob and Max interact. Sally and I have been busy searching for matching outfits for the boys this evening - in about a week and a half I hope to knock your socks off with some cuteness around this blog.

Today the kiddos enjoyed lunch outside. When rain is in the forecast, we spend a lot of time outside before the rains come. Besides, it was in the mid 70s today! It was cloudy, but a perfect day to dine in the backyard.


I was surprised that Max actually sat and ate most of his lunch at the table. He sat there for probably a whole 5 minutes.

But then, as I suspected, his mind began to wander to things like acorns, the sand box, the dirt - and he couldn't take it anymore. He had to stop eating and explore.


I tried to put him back at the table to finish his lunch a couple of times, but then gave up. I could get frustrated with him and mad, but, it's downright impossible.


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