Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bye Everyone!


Each Wednesday Charlotte stays for play group at school.  This means that she stays past the regular noon pick up time, eats lunch, plays, and then I come and get her at 2 PM.  This year, I signed her up for ballet each Wednesday.  She packs her ballet clothes, the teachers change them and then an instructor comes in and teaches them for an hour.  It's awesome - it means I don't have to drag Max to a ballet lesson.  Charlotte LOVES it - seriously, LOVES it.

So, today I picked her up at 2.  Carpool was in the front of the sanctuary due to construction going on in the lower lot.  So, all of the children and teachers were waiting on the steps next to the driveway.  I saw Charlotte and she had a huge smile on her face.  She was in a fabulous mood.  A teacher gathered her things, held her hand, and Charlotte bounced all the way to the car.   She climbed in and strapped herself in.

As we pulled away, I heard Charlotte's window go down.  (She can reach the button in our new car - something she is very happy about)  Then, I heard her say, "BYE EVERYONE!".  Like she owns the place.  All of the teachers just laughed.

Oh, she makes me laugh.

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