Saturday, November 5, 2011

Showing your love

I love Nickel Creek.  Luckily, Charlotte does too.  Last week I was taking her to school.  Nickel Creek was playing - specifically the song, "The Hand Song".

The first verse of the song is about a little boy that hurt his hands picking some roses for his mom.  He was showing his love by picking those roses - and that's how he hurt his hands.  In the next verse, the little boy sees a picture of Jesus and sees that Jesus hurt his hands too - on the cross.  The verse goes on to say that "Jesus was showing his love and that is how he hurt his hands".

Charlotte picks up on this and begins asking questions.   She was confused about how he was "showing his love" - she wanted to know what love looked like.  I tried to keep my explanation at a 3 year old level, but it was pretty hard. I just told her that you can't see love, but you can show it.  When you hug someone or kiss them, you are showing them your love.  I saw a little light click on her her head.

She said, "Just like when you are so happy to see me when you pick me up from school, right?".

Yes, Charlotte, just like that.  As I pulled away from carpool that morning, wiping a tear from my eyes, I realized that I must be doing something right - because my children see my love for them - I am showing it.  I am very grateful for that.

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