Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

We woke up Christmas Eve to the promise of pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Grandmother had a couple of very eager helpers to mix up the pancake batter.


After breakfast we just hung out, ate, took naps, and then got ready to head to the Pannell's (Judd's great Aunt's house) for Christmas Eve dinner and festivities.

We got there and immediately Charlotte's cousin (I think 2nd cousin, or a cousin removed somehow), Michael, took Charlotte by the hand and showed her all around.

The most interesting thing that they found was the golf cart parked in the back.



Max was not quite himself that evening - he was VERY clingy to his mom, but he loved being outside. I FINALLY captured a picture of this child, looking at the camera, dressed nicely - a true Christmas miracle.


After dinner, Amy played some songs for us on the piano. Charlotte sang. She put on quite the show for everyone.


After that, it was back to Judd's parent's house to get the kiddos to bed so Santa could come. We set out cookies and zucchini. The zucchini was for the Reindeer. Charlotte saw on Olivia that Olivia gave the Reindeer zucchini. She has been talking about giving the reindeer for zucchini for a few weeks. We went out looking for zucchini, but ended up finding cucumber. However, that was good enough for Charlotte. So our zucchini was really cucumber, but it's our secret for now! The kids hit the sack and "Santa" got to work!

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