Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started VERY early - 6 AM to be exact. We were completely done with presents and breakfast by 8 AM!

Charlotte has been asking Santa for 3 things - a new bike, a rocking chair so she could rock Cindy (her baby doll), and a bib for Cindy. So, Santa had a pretty easy job this year. He found a purple bike with streamers and a baby seat. He also found my rocking chair that my grandfather built for me for my 1st birthday and brought that for Charlotte. He was able to find a bib for Cindy as well.


Max didn't ask for much, but ended up with a big car ramp, some cars, balls, and blocks.


Charlotte was pretty excited to see everything.


Max needed to chill and eat some cheerios for a little while with his Great-Granddaddy.


Then he got in on the action.


After breakfast, Max went down for a nap, and Charlotte and I opened up one of the coolest things she got.


We played with that for a lot longer than I thought she would.

Then we took her over to the local park to check out her riding skills.


Judd drove us all nuts all weekend showing off his new infrared thermometer. He could quickly tell us the temperature of every surface. (He has some sort of odd obsession with thermometers and temperatures these days) Every time someone walked into a room, he would quickly shoot them with the thermometer and tell them what temp they were. It was a little unnerving having a red dot show up on your body.


After relaxing for a while, we loaded up in the car to drive to Douglas, GA to visit with Judd's grandmother Plymale. We visited and ate there, then headed home. We got the kids into bed by 8:00 and we went to bed not much after that - both Judd and I were pretty exhausted.

It was such a fun Christmas!

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Andrea said...

Love the pic of Charlotte - I barely slept the entire night before our "christmas" at home because I was so afraid I'd miss that shot of Declan.

Also love the pic of Max and Great Grandad - so special.

Merry Christmas! Andrea