Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Our New Year's weekend started Friday. Judd stayed home from work and we decided to head to the zoo for some good 'ole family fun. It drizzled on us for the first few minutes, but cleared up towards the end of our visit. The animals were all super active - almost everyone came out to play as we walked by. The most amazing thing we saw was the gorilla babies. They were playing and riding on their mama's backs. We packed a lunch and stopped to eat it, then headed to the petting zoo, train, carousel, and playground. The kids were awesome - we had a really great time. I can't pin point any one thing that was truly special - but it was just one of those outings that I'll remember for a long time.






Saturday, I started my weekend project. I've been wanting to paint our dining room table for a while. I purchased some Annie Sloan chalk paint back in September, I think. So, Judd helped me move it down to the garage and I got started. We are really happy with how it is turning out. I was able to get 2 coats of paint on it, and a coat of wax. I just need to apply another coat or two of wax on the top and then it is finished. Hopefully it will hold up for longer than an hour with 2 kids running around it. In my haste I forgot to take a before picture, but the table was brown. (please ignore the disgusting garage in the background.)


I'm going to tackle the chairs and the matching hutch. I'm sure this entire project will be finished sometime in the beginning of 2013. :)

Saturday night we went over to the Himes residence. We fed the kiddos and got them all to bed by 8. Then the adults sat down and enjoyed a lovely dinner and played some games. Judd and I ended up leaving in time to ring in the New Year at home. We had a great time. I'm so happy that the kids will go to sleep over there so we have some time to hang out just adults.

Sunday and today have been a little rough. The kids have been driving us slightly crazy. Max is sick and doesn't seem to be turning the corner. Charlotte has been pretty whiny and ready for her schedule to resume. We have one more day before school starts back. Anyone want a play date tomorrow??

As far as resolutions this year, let's see....
1. Get Max's Alphabet Book done - I have D, E, F, G, & H - I just have to create the pages.
2. Get the 2011 blog book done. That will make 4 blog books! The past blog books are some of my most prized possessions. I LOVE them.
3. Fall back into love with my camera & the blog. I told Judd today that I was going to take January off from blogging. That I just needed a break. I think I've averaged 3 posts a week for 4 years on this blog. That is crazy to me. Judd talked me out of it. I guess I just think to myself - "No one will care about that" when the kids do something funny, crazy, bad, or loving. But, then I have to remind myself that it doesn't matter, because Judd and I will care and Charlotte and Max will care 10-15-20 years from now. I'm getting back to what I began with - this blog is for them, for Judd and I, and for the family and friends that want to follow what we're doing.
4. I've signed up to run the Publix Half Marathon in March. I'm locked in. I'm on week 2 of training and going strong. I'm looking forward to crossing that finish line.
5. We have started to eat better as family. The majority of what we are eating are whole foods. It all started when I was introduced to the book Cinch!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches. It is a "diet" book, but I have treated it more like a lifestyle change. After being on the diet for 2 weeks, I felt SO good. Had so much energy. It was really amazing. So, we have started to incorporate a lot of the principles in our everyday diet. It's nothing weird, just different. A different way of thinking about food. I hope to continue that.

I think that's about it. I think that will keep me pretty busy.

2011 was a great year. 2012 promises to be awesome too. Judd starts a new job (yay! for promotions) tomorrow. We are going to redo our kitchen in some aspect. We are going to celebrate 10 years of marriage in Hawaii in June. Charlotte will turn 4, Max will turn 2. Can't wait to see what else it will bring!


Drena said...

We were at the zoo on Friday too! Didn't get there til 1:30.

Glad u aren"t taking a break. I love seeing what u guys are up to, but I too often remind myself that the blog is for me and our memories.

Table looks great!

Oliver doesn't go back to school til the 11th, but we r in Calhoun for a few days. Can u say LONG break?

Rachel said...

Your table looks AMAZING!! I LOVE it!!

Please don't take a break from blogging!!