Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Tree

Saturday we ventured up to Thompson's Tree Farm for the 3rd year. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning. We grabbed a saw, wagon, and headed out to the field. Charlotte wanted every tree she saw.


We had a hard time deciding between a couple, but finally settled on the perfect tree.

Our resident lumberjack cut our tree down with a perfectly straight base. Then we hauled it up to the front. While we were up there we grabbed some bread to feed the goats and cows.



They have the coolest cows.


The mama cow had just given birth to a calf on Thanksgiving day. The calf was named Rudolph and was just chillin' in the hay while it's parents just about knocked the fence down trying to eat some stale bread.


Even little Max got in on the action.


What a brave baby! Then it was back to the arms of Dad.


Once we were out of bread, we took a hayride through the property.



Max even "waved" and said something kind of like "hi" to all of the people we passed. Of course Charlotte narrated our ride with various comments.

The tree farm "elves" loaded our tree on to the car and we made our way back down 85. We spent the afternoon decorating the tree, telling Max "NO!" about 5,000 times as he attempted to pull all of the ornaments off, and watched the bulldogs lose.

A great Saturday in December!

(If you are curious, all of these pictures were taking with an iPhone 4s using Instagram to apply filters. My good camera is just too stressful to take on these excursions. It is too hard to juggle it, Max, and Charlotte. Luckily, my loving husband bought me the new iPhone and I LOVE the pictures from it.)


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

thank y'all so much for coming out!! that means the world to me. :)

zane hollingsworth said...

I liked instagram on my old phone. i LOVE it on the 4s...