Friday, December 2, 2011

The Elf & Advent Calendar

adventcalendar December 1st. Time to break out our Elf and put out the advent calendar. The start to the season. (If only I could get in the Christmas spirit! I'm having a really hard time this year!)

I had a plan for the advent calendar, I was going to make envelopes like last year. Then, I saw a different idea and decided to switch gears a little bit. I ordered the tins with a delivery date of 11/30 - talk about cutting it close. UPS didn't actually deliver them until 8:00 PM on the 30th! I had all of my stuff ready, though, and had it finished by 9:30. Not too bad. Each date is a 2.5oz tin with a clear lid. I used some scrapbook paper and numbers printed on full sheet labels, cut to size, to decorate the lids. I super glued a magnet on the back of each one. On Wednesday, Max and I went to Party City to find 25 cheap toys or candy (in the party favor section) to put in each tin.

Charlotte was pretty pumped to come downstairs and open the first tin. I helped her open it and there was a little toy whistle inside. She was excited about it, but then said, "Maybe tomorrow there will be chocolate inside." Geez.

You might remember that she named the elf "Jacksie" last year. This year he has a last name too. She decided to name him - and I swear to you all on her own - "Jacksie Greenlegs". (But you ask, his legs are red?) We were on a walk two weeks ago when I mentioned the elf will probably come back this year and asked if she was going to change his name. She said, "Yes, I'm going to call him Greenlegs." I asked why. She said, "That is another word for grass. Because grass is green and it looks like legs." Not sure how that logic works, but it has stuck.

So yesterday Jacksie Greenlegs was hanging out on our refrigerator. I brought Charlotte home from school and she, as usual, was right under my feet as I was trying to get stuff out for lunch. She saw a bag of Smart Puffs sitting out on the counter. I saw her out of the corner of my eye reach up and eat a puff. Then she said, "Mommy, can I have some puffs?" I said, "You already did." She looked kinda funny, then said, "No I didn't." I said, "Did you just lie?? In front of Jacksie Greenlegs?" She got quiet and put her head down. A few seconds later she burst into tears, huge tears, and sobbed, "But I STILL WANT PRESENTS FROM SANTA! BOOO HOOO HOOOO". Yikes - this may be working a little too well. I calmed her down, gave her a hug and tried my best to address the lying thing while still hinting at the fact that she probably will get presents.

Crisis averted, she got over it. But now looks at Jacksie Greenlegs with a little fear in her eyes.