Wednesday, January 25, 2012

15 months

I forgot how awesome this age is. While it has its challenges, this age is full of amazing developments. Max is really taking it all in these days. He tries to mimic us with new sounds, expressions, and movements. He has discovered books and loves to read. He is climbing like he's in training for the baby Olympics. He has finally figured out how to go down the stairs by himself - a big relief. From the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep, he is in constant motion. If all is quiet, there is a good chance I will find him here, one of his favorite climbing spots:


He LOVES to press the buttons. Unfortunately, the other day, he wrote some of his own code over mine. I need to do a better job of closing the computer when I'm done.

At 15 months:

Height: 32 3/8" - 88%
Weight:23 lb 12 oz - 65%
Head: 19 1/8" 91%

- He is still taking two naps a day. This seems to be working for us right now, so I don't intend to change it until he seems ready.
- Finally sleeping through the night most of the time!! He goes to bed right at 7 PM and is waking up anywhere between 5:45 and 6:15 AM. This is SUPER early, but I think I'll take that over being up a few times a night.
- Eating most everything. Getting a little more picky, but overall a good eater.
- Can say some words: "Dada", "Bye Bye" (which sounds a lot like "Dada" but he waves when he says it), "Ball", "Dog", "Woof Woof", "Choo Choo", MaMa (but not a lot), and "Shoe".
- Can communicate very well with actions and hands, by pointing, etc. - Pointing a lot!
- Still very much addicted to the pacifier. Also has his blankies that he loves. He walks around with them during the day. It is just about the cutest thing.

One of my favorite moments of the day with him is after I drop Charlotte off from school, I pull into the garage, get him out of his car seat and he is always very tired. We get his blankie and he usually holds it and leans his head against my shoulder. Then, I carry him slowly upstairs for his nap. Sometimes I just stand there and just hold him, breathing him in - he still has that sweet baby smell. He is usually so busy that these quiet moments are so precious.

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