Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beach Day 1 & 2

We all got up and headed to the airport early Saturday morning. We got to the gate with a few minutes to spare, so Judd took us up to the Delta Sky Club. That's the way to travel - chocolate muffins before the flight! The flight was, thankfully, uneventful and we made it to Miami. Of course Max didn't fall asleep until the last 5 minutes of the flight.


We picked up our car and headed out to Key Largo.

Our first stop was for lunch at a disgusting Wendy's - then it was off to get Strawberry Key Lime milkshakes at our favorite fruit stand. Charlotte and Max enjoyed their shakes.



We wandered around the "petting zoo" looking at all of the goats, donkeys, turtles, turkeys, and other various animals. After a close call with some duck poop, we loaded back into the car to go to the condo.

Both of the kids fell asleep during the ride, so I jumped out at the grocery store and stocked us up for the night while they slept.

We dumped our stuff in the condo, changed, and headed to the pool. The breeze was pretty chilly. When you were in the pool, it was fine, but if you got out wet, you were cold. Max doesn't like to be cold, so he wanted to leave. After he slipped and hit his head hard on the concrete we cut the pool trip short. We walked a bit and checked out the rest of the complex. We opted to head back for baths, early dinner, and early bed.

Thankfully Max slept well in the pack 'n play and Charlotte did well in a room by herself. She slept on a twin bed without a rail. (she sleeps with a rail on her bed at home. She sleeps all over the place at night and falls out without one.) The next morning we asked her if she fell off of her bed. She just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Yep, twice, but I just got back up and went back to sleep."

We ate some breakfast, rested, and headed over to Harry Harris State Park. It is only about a mile away and has the perfect beach for little kids. It is a tiny beach with a jetty protecting the swimming area. Charlotte could walk out about 30 yards and just have water up to her waist. Max loved walking around the sand, digging, and messing up whatever his sister was building. There is also a little playground and swings. We spent some time there and then went back to the condo for lunch.

After naps/rest, we went to Robby's to feed the tarpon. You get a bucket of yucky, slimy fish, and feed these massive tarpon from the docks. It is a lot of fun. Charlotte even got brave enough to lay down on the dock and hang a fish over the side. The tarpon will actually jump out of the water to get the fish. Luckily, Charlotte just dropped hers in, so I didn't have to worry about her hand being in a tarpon's mouth.





Again, on the way back, these two just couldn't handle the excitement.


We made a few more stops on the way back up the Keys to our condo. We fed the kids and put them to bed. Then, Judd and I constructed a peaceful date night on the couch with pizza and a movie.

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