Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beach Day 3 & 4

We woke up on Monday and after the clouds started to clear we headed over to Jacob's Aquatic Center in Key Largo. We had the place practically to ourselves. They have what is basically a playground stuck in a pool of water. When the "turn it on" water squirts out everywhere and it looks like a lot of fun. However, the water was FREEZING. And it was probably in the mid 70's with a little breeze. This is how Max looked after a run through it.


Charlotte didn't seem to mind.



We stayed for a lot longer than I thought we would. There were two other pools that were heated. We swam in those for a while. Judd and I even braved the high dive - much to Charlotte's entertainment. About lunch time we packed up and headed to the condo. Then it was lunch and lots of rest.


These two got along so well while we were gone!

After naps - which we all took! - we got ready to go back to the beach.

Charlotte and I made some "pools" in the sand. Max was pretty happy to play and splash in these little pools. He also had a great time flinging seaweed around and making his sister scream when it got near her.




That night we went out to eat. We picked a place on the water. The kids were so good. The restaurant had live music. After Charlotte and Max were done eating, they made their own dance floor and danced and danced. One grandmotherly lady befriended them and gave them a new bottle of bubbles from her car. I think she was missing her own grandkids.

Tuesday morning Judd went out to get our coffee and almond croissants - he found this awesome French bakery. Charlotte and I went for one last swim while Max took a morning nap. We then packed everything up, cleaned everything up, and made our way back to the Miami airport. We stopped along the way at Alabama Jack's for lunch. Our trip back home was great except for the 10 minutes of shear screaming out of Max during the flight.

Overall, as I've stated, the trip was wonderful. Judd and I have high hopes of traveling more and more with these kids and with experiences like this one, it makes me think it might actually happen!

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