Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for little 'ol Charlotte. I'm actually pretty happy school is out. It will be nice to enjoy our mornings without running around getting ready, keeping Max awake all morning until pick up time, then the whole crazy lunch & get ready for nap routine. I don't think Charlotte was too sad either, I think she's ready for a little break.

Yesterday she said she wanted to make an "I miss you" card for each of her classmates. She got to work early - like before 8AM we had the paint out - and she did a few at a time before school, after lunch, and before dinner. She got them all done and wrote each name on each card. She was super happy that she was finally able to write an "N" (I guess that had been bothering her or something.), and got some needed practice with her "S"s. I thought they turned out cute and she was SO proud of them.

Last day of school

She had a good time at her end of the year party.


so did Max. (hands just get in the way.)

Who needs hands?

We snapped a few pictures out front before school.


Here is picture from the first day of school:


She's changed just a little bit, huh?? Wow. She's so big.

Max needed to join the fun for a minute too.


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