Friday, May 18, 2012

Our little ballerina

Charlotte has been taking pre-ballet this year. She went every Wed after school. She would stay for lunch bunch and then the teachers would change them into their ballet clothes and send them to class. It is wonderful. Especially for moms of crazy toddler boys that would go crazy during sister's ballet classes. I just showed up at 2 to pick her up.

However, Charlotte wasn't that big on it. She would go without complaining, but when asked whether she liked it or not she would say, "It's just too long."

During tonight's performance at one point she said just looked bored and sighed. Even her performance was a little too long, I guess. She did great and looked beautiful. I even was able to get her short hair shoved back into a "bun".


Waiting to go on stage.



Yay! It's over.


After the show we went to the "ice cream store" for a little celebration.

Some shots I took of her at home before we left. (Ever want to know what the difference between good pictures and really good pictures are?? It's light. It doesn't matter what kind of camera or lens you have - if you get the light right - everything falls into place. The light in our bedroom - in the spring/summer - in the afternoon is so warm and wonderful.)







Allison D said...

Oh goodness! She is one of us.... I tried hard to be a dancing performer but I could pull it off either! She looks sO beautiful! And for the first time ever I think she totally looks like YOU! So cute.

Emily said...

Lilly took ballet for one year and her Grandfather asked her at her recital if it had been fun. She answered, "What was supposed to be fun about that?" We decided ballet was probably not for her.