Friday, May 18, 2012


Happy boy

This boy is a different boy. He has been a joy this week.

On Monday we went to the doctor for his 18 month appt (he'll be 19 months in a few days!). Charlotte came with us so she could have her hearing re-checked. (She failed the hearing test at her 4 year appt.) Turns out Max had an ear infection in one of his ears. It's amazing what a day or two of good antibiotics can do. It's like a magic potion.

He has been sleeping past 6AM each morning - one day it was after 7! He has been happy in the mornings, able to stay up and only take one nap a day. We went to Target yesterday and he actually sat happily in the cart as I shopped. No more screaming in the car. He is back to playing with toys - not just walking around whining.

We have had some tantrums, but I'm able to calm him down rather quickly - or get him distracted with something else. The screaming times have gone way, way down.

I think it is a combination of his ear feeling better and the fact that he is learning to cope without the pacifier. I think he had a hard time knowing how to calm himself down.

Now he spits the paci right out when we get him out of the crib - doesn't even give it a second thought. He is saying a new "word" every day.

Can you believe I forgot his stat sheet at the doctor's office?

I think he was around 25 pounds - 25.6 or something - he was in the 60th percent.
I'm not sure what his height was, I guess I could measure him - but he was in the 90th percent.
His head circumference was in the 90th percentile as well.

Poor Charlotte failed the hearing test again. So, we've made her an appointment at CHOA to have a specialist take a look. I'm not at all worried. Her speech is excellent and she seems to be able to hear everything going on at the house just fine. Her teachers also say that they would have never thought she was having problems hearing. It may just be that she has persistent fluid in her ears and may need tubes. We'll just have to see.

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