Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The long weeks of August

It feels as though everyone in the world went back to school this week. Not us, though, oh no, not us. We are still in the throws of summer. Long hot days figuring out how to manage Charlotte and her impossible projects. Figuring out how to keep Max from screaming as few screams as possible during the day. They don't go to school until after labor day - 3 weeks from today, in fact.

We have been staying busy, though. We attended a puppet show with the Dawsons today, had a dentist appointment yesterday, and filling in gaps with play dates.

I have been making an effort to work on my attitude. As I talk to the other mothers and listen about their carefree mornings without kids, leisurely walking through Target sipping Starbucks, I try to stay calm. I think about how I am grateful to have this time with them. It is fleeting - we only really get 18 summers with them after all, right? It is her last summer to have these extra weeks - I'm really trying to keep a smile on my face and soak it up. I do think she's ready to go back. I think she's kinda sick of me, really. There's been a lot of back talk and yelling lately.

On Saturday we leave for the beach for a week. Half of the week at Tybee, the other half at Seacrest beach. Really looking forward to it!

Here's a peak at what 7PM looks like at our house. Dinner is done. Children have been bathed. They relax and watch a show. Max goes to bed after the first show. Charlotte insists on staying up later than Max, so she usually watches another show before bed. By 8PM, they are usually both tucked in. It's a lovely time of day!



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