Sunday, August 12, 2012


I turned 33 years of age sometime yesterday evening. Come to think of it, at the time I came into this world 33 years ago, I was probably bathing the two babies that I brought into this world. I thought a lot about my mom yesterday and what she thinking about. Wondering if, even after 33 years, she still thinks about the day I was born. I'm almost positive she does.

Judd and I had a wonderful night out compliments of Judd's parents on Friday evening. We did some shopping and had a delicious dinner at our favorite place. His parents spent the night with us that night and entertained our children while visiting with us on Saturday.

On Saturday, my birthday, we took Charlotte to her first soccer experience - U-6 assessments. I had so much fun watching her run after the ball in her shin guards and cleats. Her blonde curls curling around her forehead, sweat dripping down her face. She did fabulous and I was so proud she was mine.

In the afternoon we spent some time celebrating my next door neighbor's little girl's two year old birthday. She shares a birthday with me and her name is Charlotte. She has curly red hair and is very cute. But, what I will remember from that party was the card that "big" Charlotte made for "baby" Charlotte. She drew the Charlottes holding hands - one had blonde hair, the other had curly red hair. There was so much detail in the drawing.

After that party, we headed to a party I could call my own. Erin, Dave, Ella, and Emma made dinner for us. We fed the kids, bathed them and got movies started. Then, Erin, Dave, Judd and I were able to eat dinner without interruption. It was delicious.

Judd and I took the kids home, tucked them in bed and ended the evening with an episode of Mad Men.

A wonderful 33rd birthday.

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