Thursday, August 9, 2012

Train Table

Max LOVES a train table. When we were up visiting my parents a few weeks ago, it seemed everywhere we went had a train table. Max would spend as much time as we would let him pushing trains around, connecting them, looking at them, etc. Of course, since they were store displays, all of those train tables were amazing. Decked out in all of the Thomas trains and accessories.

Yesterday I took our neighbor's son to Toys R Us to pick out a new Lego set. In exchange for this Lego set, he was going to give Max his train table. He has outgrown it and needs to put a desk in his room instead.

We set up the train table in Max's room. He has had the best time with it. A certain big sister has been seen up there quite a bit as well. This morning they had all of the "sheds" set up to hold all of the trains when they were done hauling their loads.

Charlotte eventually got tired of it and left. She came downstairs. Then we heard in a little almost 2 year old voice, "OHHHH NOOOOO". Charlotte went running back up and fixed the bridge that fell. She came back downstairs. As soon as she came into the kitchen, we heard, "OHHHH NOOOOO". Back up the stairs she went and fixed the track. This happened about 5 more times. Finally she said, "Ugh, this train table!!".

I was able to score some Thomas train accessories and cars on clearance at my parent's house. So, I'm holding out until his birthday to add to the track.




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