Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For Max


Oh, Max, how I love you so.

I came to your room at school today to pick you up. You didn't see me at first and I got to watch you play for a minute. Then, you saw me. You ran over to the door and I picked you right up. You put your little hands on my neck and pulled me in close to you. You gave me a huge kiss, smiled, and said so sweetly "Mommy" with a sigh of relief. You held my neck the way down the hall to get Charlotte.

You however, are giving me lots of trouble when it is time to get dressed. You will only wear a t-shirt, and you are very particular about the one we choose in the morning. You refuse to wear pants, only shorts, and I am very thankful we live in the South. I'm hoping the weather stays warm for a little while longer. You scream like a wild animal in captivity when we try to get a polo and khakis on you to go to church. You went in a t-shirt and gym shorts a week ago. It's a battle I'm not going to fight too hard with you about.

You play so sweetly by yourself with your trucks and cars and trains. I just watch you line them up, one by one. You are learning your colors and shapes. You like to walk everywhere - but that's OK because you always stay right with me.

You are my little buddy. I spoil you. I let you do things that I wouldn't have let your sister do at your age. I give in and give you juice and snacks when I shouldn't. But, when you say, "Shank you, Mommy", I would really give you anything in the world you asked for.

In a little less than a month you will be 2. It seems impossible. You are growing into a "big boy" - can't you please stay my baby?

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