Monday, September 24, 2012

Our little parrot

Maxwell is really flapping his gums these days. He is saying new words daily. Constantly aware of what is going on around him - always mimicking his older sibling.

Charlotte and Max were playing with the Duplo blocks last week. Charlotte's creation crumbled to pieces multiple times while she was building it. (They are always super top heavy). Each time this happened she would yell, "NO FAIR!!". At one point, past the point of frustration, she stomped upstairs to her room and slammed her door. Max picked up some duplo pieces and started to build a creation all his own. He then broke it and said, "No Fair!". It was pretty cute. Since then, he says it whenever something isn't going his way. That's not so cute.

Charlotte is pretty into the Annie soundtrack. I have a few of the songs loaded on my phone and we listen to them in the car every so often. Charlotte really gets into it and belts out "Tomorrow". Sometimes I hear Max in the back singing, "morrow, morrow". I put him to bed every night. We read some books and I try to sing a song to him - something like "Jesus Loves Me" or "Twinkle, Twinkle." But he usually says, "No Mommy, no song." So, the other night I started singing, "When I'm stuck with a day..that's grey..and Looonely". And he said, "Moorrow, morrow!". So, now we sing that every night.

I forgot how awesome this language stage is. You just never know what's going to come out of those little mouths.



OH NOOOOO! Say it ain't so! Tomorrow was Emily's favorite song and she absolutely wore it out!

Drena said...

So precious!