Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Dining Table

Judd made it clear that next year major renovations were not going to happen in the house. Since we just did the kitchen in February, he would like to put our money in other things. While I would love do redo our master bath, I will be stepping out of the shower onto 12 inch hunter green tiles for a while longer.

Since I can't do any major renovations, I have decided to spruce up the living room area. We have a large vaulted ceiling living room. It is an awkward space to arrange. What we ended up doing was splitting the room in half and make one half a dining room, the other half the living room. It works nicely, and my Grammie's table is the perfect size for the room.

(When my grandparents moved from their apartment to the assisted living facility, my Grammie gave me their dining room table and hutch. My parents shipped it down to me and it has been in our dining room ever since. )

You may remember that last January, I decided to give painting the table a try. Well, as I stated in that post, it was going to be somewhere in 2013 that I was going to finish it, if that. Also, the paint was kinda peeling and it just wasn't looking good - I did something wrong with the waxing portion of the project.

I knew that Allison's mom started a furniture painting business, Fanci Seats, so I enlisted her help. She and Allison came to pick up the table on Saturday, then three weeks later a beautifully painted black table and chairs returned to my doorstep.

I love the way it looks. I didn't really know what to expect and it turned out better than I imagined it could. I'm not sure how she does it, but it looks like a factory paint job. Whenever I paint chairs, there is always a drip mark or the paint pools in the corners. These are so smooth.

When she dropped off the table, we quickly loaded the bottom of the hutch into her car. I can't wait to get that back. I'm not going to paint the top of the hutch. I've decided to use just the bottom and have it serve as a buffet.



It is a good, solid table that is a great size for the area. I'm so happy that I decided to preserve it rather than go with something new. Plus, I like to think that my Grammie and Grandpop know that we are eating a lot of meals around it. I'm sure they would love that.

We have also replaced the old brass fans in the room. Rather than put a new fan in over the table, we draped a chandelier to fall directly over it. Previously, there was a fan that hung down over one side of the table - centered for the room, but not how we were using it. The new lighting makes a big difference. We are having the room painted in the next couple of weeks. After that, we will be trying to figure out what to do with the brass fireplace cover.


Rachel said...

Your table looks amazing...I LOVE it! And, I'm so glad you kept Grammie's instead of buying a new one. I bet you could use some metallic spray paint on your brass fireplace cover.

Sally said...

I love the table. I wish I lived in ATL so I could have Alison's mom redo my kitchen table and chairs.