Friday, February 25, 2011

4 month stats

Had Max's doctor's 4 month check up this morning.

Weight: 15 lbs 7 oz - 95%
Length: 26.5 inches - 50-75%
Head: 16 7/8 inches- 50-75%

All of that equals one big huggable, loveable, kissable bundle of baby boy.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There is magic in being 3. There is magic in a beautiful evening, with the sun slowing going down with a cool breeze blowing through the backyard. There is magic in a pink blanket cape.

Charlotte wanted to stay in the backyard until Judd got home tonight. She wanted her cape on, so I tied it on for her. I left the back door cracked and could just hear her singing and singing at the top of her lungs. When I asked her what she was singing about she said, "Being sad and then having a Superhero help you."

I tried to sneak and take a picture of her through the window. I've found that as much as I'd like to capture moments like these, it is better not to disturb her. As soon as I appear, she seems stop pretending.


She sat like this for 15 minutes or so, just singing.

After, she came in and out, needing milk, or showing me the weeds she pulled. But, she stayed out there just walking around the backyard for over a half hour. One time, she came in and asked me to come out and take her picture. Music to my ears.


When you are 3, you can fly and be whatever superhero you want to be.


This little superhero makes me want to pull my hair out one day, then makes my heart burst the next. Just the magic of being 3, I guess.

4 months


We don't have a doctor's appointment until Friday, so I'll have to wait until then to post his stats.

Basically, he's awesome. Sure, he cries and wants to be held all of the time, but what baby doesn't? Most of the time he is a happy, calm, chill baby.

At four months he is:
- smiling, A LOT!
- laughing
- rolls over both ways, but doesn't do it much. I know he can, but I just don't think he is very interested in moving around as much as his sister was.
- has slept 12 hours straight for the past 3 nights!!! (However, his sister has woken up each night in the middle of the night - UGH! think they are working together?)
- kind of has a nap schedule, but not too solid. I plan to work on this more over the next month. It is just hard when you have a toddler that has to be at school and wants to do other activities.
- grabs and holds toys, brings them to his mouth almost immediately
- had his first full blown cold last month. He handled it pretty well.
- slobbers all of the time
- still spits up after almost every meal
- exclusively breastfeeding - about 6-7 times a day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Max & Mama

When you are a mom, especially a photographer mom, it is rare that you are in pictures with your kids. When you are a new mother, with a few extra postpartum pounds, it is even rarer. I met a friend at the pool this past summer that is a photographer, she also has a new baby boy. She asked me to come over this morning and we would take pictures of each other with our babies - to record some moments with them. I'm so glad I did.



Sure, I have about 15 extra pounds that I'd like to lose. But, if I didn't have pictures taken until I did that - I may never have pictures with my kids. I'm thrilled to have the pictures of Max and I - just how we were when he was almost 4 months. How we had a few mornings a week - just us.

Moms, get out there and get pictures made with your kids. Hand the camera to someone and get in front of it. Not only will you love having them, but they are images your children will love having when they are older.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life and Stuff

Life around here changes by the minute, crazy hectic one minute, calm and peaceful the next.

One of those calm, peaceful moments yesterday - we had a pizza party. My hostess definitely had the mostess.


The weather has been AMAZING the past few days. The kind of weather that reminds you why you live in Atlanta. It has given Charlotte the chance to eat lunch outside at her new picnic table.


In the past 2 days, Max has fallen asleep unassisted (other than his thumb) in his crib for naps. (I'm beginning to find his thumb sucking the cutest thing in the world) Naps that are actually longer than 20 minutes. Hallelujah! I just may get something done these days. Or get to play with Charlotte's doll house. (with her of course)


Speaking of Max, guess who tried his jumperoo for the first time today?


I think he liked it.


The Oak Grove Young Children's School consignment sale is quickly approaching. Since Max is indeed a boy, I decided to consign a lot of Charlotte's clothes. I'm a little overwhelmed. I didn't realize there were 7 bins of clothing up in the attic. It is embarrassing, actually. That child had SO.MANY.CLOTHES. And, I'm not taking the total blame for it. (ahem, Sara & Nina)


I can only consign 30 items that are 0-9months, I think I have well over 200 items? I think I have 30 items alone that still have the tags on them. So, if you know any little girls that need some 6-9 month summer stuff, please send them my way.

It has been a little difficult going through all of them. Difficult, emotionally. I can still picture Charlotte's little baby self in a lot of them - and the shoes, oh, how I love the shoes. It just really won't be the same dressing a boy.

I called the one person that I knew would tell me to sell the stuff and not keep it - the Queen of Getting Rid of Sentimental Stuff - my mother. Only for her to tell me, "why don't you keep it, you might have another one?" Nope, won't have another one. But, I will keep one box of the things I just can't part with yet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out Ladies...

'cause he's all mine.


Happy Valentine's Day!

PS. Didn't Charlotte's Valentine turn out cute?

Got the idea here. She had a very cute party at school and is currently sleeping off a sugar high. Yay! We will be making some sort of heart shaped dessert this afternoon, then we will be outside enjoying this 60+ degree day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Minute with Max (and Charlotte): Volume 13

I forgot to do this today while she was at, she is in it.

You do know that "hair" has two syllables, right?

Stats of a Three Year Old

Height: 37 3/4 inches - 50-75%
Weight: 36 lbs - 90%

Her vision check was great. She knows all of the things she's supposed to know. The doctor declared her almost perfect. I say almost, because she said I need to cut out some sweets - that little Charlotte is a touch over weight. I was a tad shocked when I learned this. I wouldn't know it by looking at her.

My immediate reaction was that this was a direct reflection on my parenting. I control what she eats, so it must be my fault. This was Judd's reaction too. However, after some thinking and sleeping on it for a night, I have calmed down about it.

We are cutting out 1% milk, going down to skim. We are cutting back on sweets around here. Meals are usually pretty healthy at our house, but I'm going to make an effort to have very little processed foods in the house and more natural snacks, etc. I can't cut out everything - my sweet tooth is as big as hers - we're just going to curb it a little more.

I am very paranoid about having an overweight child - it has been something I think about a lot. So, I think that's why this hit me a little harder.

Some thing she does at three:

- She can ride her tricycle like there's no tomorrow - she can ride it around our neighborhood (about 1 mile)
- She can recognize all of her letters, most of her numbers
- She can kinda count to 20, she gets a little mixed up in the upper teens
- She loves to have books read to her. She knows what some of the letter's sounds are.
- Loves music - everything music. She narrates her life in song almost every day.
- Very strong willed. Throws a tantrum with the best of them. She's throwing one now, in fact. Tantrums have started to ruin some of our afternoons - it's like walking on eggshells around her.
- Has a great imagination. I learn a lot about my mannerisms and sayings watching her play.
- Loves to do arts and crafts. We made Valentine's today for an hour.
- Says the most amazing things. I know that God speaks through her.
- Has a very large, caring heart. Is such a sweet child.

Monday, February 7, 2011


DSC_7762 copy

Maxwell has been an absolute joy to be around lately. He seems to have finally outgrown his fussy evenings. He will fuss around the 6 o'clock hour, but nothing like he used to.

Just in the last couple of weeks he has started to like his baths, rather than screaming at the top of his lungs the entire time until you got his pajamas on. (He could scream SO loud - you would think I was pulling his toenails off one by one.) Now he will splash, kick, and grin - and laugh at his sister's antics.

DSC_7763 copy

Today he rolled over! He tried and tried for about 10 minutes. He would make it to his side, but then not have enough power to make it all the way to his tummy. Then, all of a sudden he did it. He fussed because he doesn't really like his tummy, and rolled back to his back.

He is really starting to reach for things and grab them. Once he is able to get an object in his hands, it immediately goes to his mouth. Not sure what is going on, maybe teething early, but the boy chews on stuff constantly. He drools through about 3 shirts a day - and this is even with wearing a bib!

DSC_7768 copy

But, probably the best development of all is his giggle. He has a ticklish spot beneath his chin on his neck. About 50% of the time, he'll give you a little giggle if you tickle him. He'll also giggle if you kiss his neck, or surprise him.

Overall he is a relaxed, calm baby. He is sleeping well at night - averaging 12 hour nights with one wake up mixed in - usually between 2-5. However, he is capable of sleeping 12 hours straight - he's done it a few times. He's not a big napper and we're still trying to figure out a schedule for that.

I can't believe he is going to be 4 months in 2 weeks. He is really starting to show some personality. He is a great cuddle bug and nestles right into your shoulder. All he wants is to be held - and I can't really blame him. Truth be told, he gets held a lot more than Charlotte did. I just love this sweet boy to pieces.

(Don't mind the pink pillow he's laying on. It's nothing compared to the pink and purple butterfly Swaddle Me he sleeps in at night :) - just another side effect of having a big sister when you are a baby boy.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Max's First Trip to PA

patrip3 copy

Thursday morning we made the decision to go up to PA for the weekend. In order to nonrev up there, we had to fly into Baltimore and rent a car rather than fly into Harrisburg. The plane ride both there and back went really well, both kiddos were pretty good. There was only a few minutes of screaming from Max. And a few minutes of screaming from Charlotte - so all in all a pretty good experience.

I was thinking about attempting this trip by myself, but Judd took pity on me and decided to accompany me. I'm very glad he did!

Charlotte got to try out her new suitcase.

patrip1 copy

We took an evening flight on Thursday and got to my parent's house pretty late Thursday night. Both kids adjusted well and slept pretty well. Friday morning my parents went to work and we hung out and ran a couple of errands.

Saturday, Max got to meet both of his great-grandmothers on my side. I was so happy that it worked out that we could see both of my grandmothers. We visited my Grammie at her place, and my Dad picked up Grandma so she could spend the day with us.

patrip5 copy

patrip2 copy

Both of my sisters and their husbands came to my parent's house on Saturday. We all celebrated Rachel's birthday with a yummy dinner Saturday night. Charlotte thought it was just another "birfday" celebration for her.

patrip4 copy

It was awesome to be there with everyone. I'm always so jealous when I hear that my family has gotten together. Both of my sisters are only an hour away from my parents, and weekend get togethers happen frequently. I was thrilled when I found out we would all be together for dinner.

I hadn't seen Jacob in 6 months - and has he ever changed! He is so sweet. We got multiple smiles and giggles out of him - he seemend to be a big fan of Uncle Judd. I just know that Jacob and Max will be causing all kinds of trouble in a couple of years. My favorite picture of the weekend:

Seriously cute cousins.

(I only had my iPhone with me this trip - so these are all iPhone pictures.)

We are back home now. Kids were both in bed by 7:30. Pizza and Super Bowl for Judd and me.

It was a busy weekend - but our first trip went really well. It gives me hope that there will be many more weekend like this in our future.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Minute with Max: Volume 12

Someone really wants to roll fact, about 2 hours after I shot this yesterday he pretty much did.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Charlotte turned three years old, officially, about two and a half hours ago. I think I'm still in denial that she is three and that I'm buying her clothes in a size of 4T. I remember looking at 4T clothes when she was one thinking that she surely would never be that big...she is.


We had her Mickey Mouse "birfday" party on Sunday afternoon. The birthday gods smiled on us and provided us with a 60+ degree day - sun was shining, breeze was blowing. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

On Friday we saw that the weather looked like it would be warm enough to be outside, so Judd and I cleaned out the garage most of the afternoon. (Judd did most of the work as I had a 3 month old to look after.) On Sunday Judd's mom and I decorated the garage with streamers and a little track running through it that kids could race around. I also had some Mickey Mouse bubbles for everyone. The kids had a lot of fun just running around, blowing bubbles, riding tricycles, scooter, etc. Granddaddy even gave some wagon rides.


I heard some grumblings about cake and when we would have it, so I thought we should move the party inside. Everyone was pretty excited to find a Mickey Mouse cookie to decorate on their plate.



They all were very good - there was hardly any sampling of the frosting or candies.


After cookies, the kids munched on Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets (whoo hoo for Costco!) and the adults had some pulled pork courtesy of the Big Green Egg.

Then, finally it was cake time. We had a Mickey Mouse cake from Publix. I had grand plans of making my own cake, but Judd talked me into outsourcing. Looking back, I'm very grateful for that decision.

Presents were then opened. Just as everyone was hitting their sugar high, parents packed up the kids and headed home. It was a great party. I'm so thankful for Judd's parents and their help - I'm not sure we would have been able to pull it off without them.

Today we celebrated many times over. There were cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a big trip to the Children's Museum, a trip to McDonald's for a "fruit shake" (smoothie), and she got to choose whatever she wanted for dinner - a hot dog and couscous. (Luckily couscous was on sale at Publix this past week and I had stocked up!) If you can't tell - the way to this girl's heart is food.

I have more to say about this little three year old, but I need some time to put it into words. Right now it is all just swimming around in my head and my heart not wanting to come out in sentences.

Today marked another important milestone - one year ago today was the first day of my new role as a stay at home mom. Looking back, I know now that I made a great decision and I have loved it. Sure, there are days that I'm pulling up my resume in Word dusting it off, looking to apply for jobs to get me the heck out of this house - but all in all, I feel very lucky to be living out this dream.