Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Wedding

I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday. I walked by the flower section and decided to treat myself to some flowers. After the Farmer's Market, Max and I picked up Charlotte from school and came back home to start some lunch. Charlotte saw the flowers immediately and asked if she could have some. I gave her a couple stems and she ran off to her room. 10 minutes went by and she emerged from her room dressed in her "wedding" dress with the flowers wrapped like a little bouquet. She said she was a bride and Max was going to be her, "Mom what do you call the boy?", "the groom".

So, after lunch, she picked out an outfit for Max to wear. I heard screaming coming from his room, to find Charlotte trying to shove his Spring sweater vest over his Christmas plaid shirt. I took over and helped Max put on his "groom outfit".

We started some elevator music on the TV and she arranged her stuffed animals to watch the ceremony. She walked down the aisle and met Max at the alter. After I administered some brief vows and helped them exchange pretend rings, they kissed each other to seal the deal. I can't believe Max went along with it.

After the ceremony we each had a piece of "wedding cake". (The pumpkin chocolate chip loaf I got from the Farmer's Market) They even posed for wedding pictures!



Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend

I was supposed to meet Erin for a run this morning at 6:15. I got all dressed and ready to go, was about to walk out of the front door, but was stopped by the rain. I texted and said, "It's raining". She replied, "Back to bed?". I was already up and dressed, though, so I didn't go back to bed. I made myself some coffee and I'm enjoying listening to the rain while updating the blog. What a wonderful, unexpected start to the day!

We headed down to the lake last Thursday afternoon to spend a couple of nights with Judd's parents. Judd had Good Friday off, so we were able to go down on Thursday night. We got there on Thursday evening late, around 9PM. The kids were so good on the drive down. I forgot the trusty iPad at home, and they were content to talk to us, to each other, look out the window, and listen to music. Who knew kids could ride in a car for over 2 hours these days with no electronic stimulation!

The weather was gorgeous Friday and Saturday and we enjoyed lots of outside time. Especially down on the dock. Max learned to cast for the first time. Charlotte really got the hang of it.




It was discovered that Max LOVES the boat. Granddaddy took him on two big rides down the creek to the big lake. He had the best time. (They were just using the trolling motor here near the dock - he had a life jacket on for the big rides!!)


As usual, Max was Granddaddy's buddy. Granddaddy Davis came to visit on Saturday, and Max stayed right with him too. He loves all of his Grandfathers. Which, I think, his Grandfathers don't mind at all.



He's a stinker this one. But there is something about a dirty faced boy after playing with dump trucks and dirt.


Friday night we were joined by the Crowe family. Charlotte was thrilled to see her cousin. On Saturday we went to Lake Blackshear Baptist church for their annual egg hunt. They always do such a nice job with the hunt and the kids love it. In order to provide the children with enough energy for the 30 second hunt, they carbo load them. This year's options were ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, and fruit punch.



After a snack fit for Willy Wonka, the kids lined up and off they went. Max, being that this was his 2nd hunt of the year, knew just what to do. Charlotte found a golden egg right off the bat. She was so obsessed with this egg that she forgot about hunting more eggs. She only ended up with about 5 eggs. Thank the Lord she got that golden egg. If she hadn't then she wouldn't have been able to choose one of the coveted prizes and we would have had total meltdown.

Lilly decided she was too mature to hunt this year - but she provided support for her little cousins.


We packed up the kids late Saturday afternoon and made the trip back. A fun, busy Easter trip to the lake!