Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hand, Foot, and Mouth and my bra

Tuesday evening Max felt warm.  I took his temperature and sure enough it was high.  I put him to bed that night with a dose of Tylenol hoping for the best.  He didn't sleep very well that night and Wednesday didn't eat much.  He cried all day.  Followed me around with his arms in the air just crying.  If I even looked like I was going to take the pacifier out of his mouth he screamed.  He wasn't much better on Thursday and had what looked like bug bites all over his arms. 

Charlotte's school's consignment sale was this week at her school.  I am part of a team that runs the 12 registers we have for checkout.  It is quite a process.  We have computers, scanners, credit card machines - all that need to be set up, manned, tallied at the end of the sale, etc.  I had child care all lined up for Max so I could be there to help with all of it. 

Thursday, I strapped on the carrier and wore him on my back for 2 hours while I set up computers.  I took him home after that and he had a little nap.  I had a doctor's appointment for him at 3:20, but really debated taking him.  It was mostly likely viral - and there was nothing they could do for it.  I had to be back at the school at 4 for the big preview sale Thursday night.  He woke up from his nap miserable, decision made - I needed to take him to the doc.  I called Judd and asked him to meet me over at the doctor's office.

We get to the doctor's office.  Charlotte and Max were both very good while waiting.  Finally we are called back.  To my surprise, we don't even wait in the room that long until a doctor comes in - but it's an intern.  So, this intern proceeds to ask me a million questions while Max is wiggling and crying on my lap.  It takes this guy 5 minutes to check his ears.  At this point Max is screaming.  I pull him onto my lap and try to calm him down, but he's wiggling and trying to get the heck out of that room.  I couldn't really blame him - I kind of wanted to run out of there screaming too.

Judd arrives and walks into the chaos.

The real doctor finally comes in and asks to have Max up on the table.  I lift Max away from me and feel a draft.  I look down and between Max's wiggling and squirming, he has loosened all of the buttons on the top half of my shirt - my entire chest and bra are showing right in the doctors face.  I immediately pull Max back to my chest and try to button my shirt back up with one hand.  I can't even imagine what color my face is at this point.  Luckily the doctor (or intern) doesn't say anything.  I'm sure the intern is thinking that this is a great place to work!

The doctor checks Max out - verifies that it is Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  The poor kid has blisters all down his throat.  The doctor tells me that today is probably the worst day and it should get better from here out.

He was right, he has gotten better.  Each day he has been a little less fussy.  He still has blisters around his mouth, on both forearms and fingers - even his legs and feet.  I can't look into his mouth long enough to look at his throat.  He is eating a little better, though.  I'm not sure which is worse, though, dealing with a sick baby or having to listen to my husband's constant bra/doctor jokes.

I ended up only having to miss one of my shifts at the consignment sale - Friday morning.  Luckily Judd could move his schedule around to be home on Thurs and Friday late afternoon so I could work those nights. 

I guess if I've learned anything this week - it's not to wear button down shirts to the doctor's office.

Friday, September 23, 2011

11 months

I can't believe I just typed that into the post title - 11 months. I thought Charlotte's first year went by fast - this is crazy how fast Max's is going. It almost makes me want a 3rd - almost.


At 11 months:
- Max has hand, foot, and mouth disease. Yep. It's awesome let me tell ya. Nothing like having a baby that screams constantly for days. More to say on that subject and the show I gave the doctor yesterday - stay tuned. Luckily, I think we have turned a small corner, he seems to be doing somewhat better today.
- He is starting to wave "bye-bye".
- He has clapped a few times - mostly in the bath.
- He is really learning and mimicking us. Lately Judd and I have put things on our heads and then say "AAA-AHHHH-AHHHHH- CHOOO". Max laughs, then he says "AAA-AHHHH". He will watch you play with a toy and then take the toy and play with it - whether it is pressing a button, or putting a ball in a hole, or racing cars - he is picking up on new things every day. I forgot how much fun it is to watch a baby learn.
- He is pretty much sleeping through the night. He might wake up once, but goes back down when I put a pacifier back in. He ALWAYS goes to bed like a champ - we never have a problem putting him down. He is taking two solid naps every day. We have been blessed with two good sleepers.
- Up until this week, he has been eating like a grown man. He is still taking 4 bottles a day. Once we get passed this sickness, I hope to start to get rid of the midday bottles.
- I'm afraid he has rapidly become addicted to his pacifiers. He also LOVES his blankies. He walks around with them. Then he'll just lay down in the middle of the floor with them.
I say it every month, but he is the sweetest baby. Just loves to be held and cuddled, but only for a second - he has WAY too many things to explore. This week, the first night he came down with a fever, I wrapped him up in a towel after his bath. He obviously didn't feel well because he let me just carry him around wrapped up in a towel for 10 minutes or so. I know he was sick, and I hated that for him, but I sure did love how still and cuddly he was. I could have rocked him all night like that.
I guess I need to start thinking about a first birthday party for little Maxwell - unless I can finally figure out how to stop the clock.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


chartakingpictures >
Charlotte got a "cramra" for Christmas last year from Aunt Rachel. Over the past month or so, she has finally figured out how to compose a picture and then take it. Before, she was just kinda running around snapping the shutter. This is how I found her this afternoon playing dollhouse.
She was so frustrated trying to see "sister's" face. It was covered by the cowboy hat. I told her she would have to get down lower and over to the side. I'm thinking of hiring her as my new intern.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bubble Boy

I have spent part of this morning, since coming back from urgent care, researching a bubble to put Max in for the next couple of years. From 6:30 PM last night until 8:30 AM this morning - a span of 14 hours, 11 of which he was asleep - he hit his head against a door jamb hard enough to leave a nice egg-sized bruise and cut his lip against a drawer.

 I was downstairs happily drinking a cup of coffee, browsing some blogs, when I hear Max start to cry and Judd say, "Carrie, he's bleeding!!". I look in Max's mouth to see a bunch of blood. I'm nervous that he hit his front teeth, again, and has hurt them. Then I see a huge cut in his lip. He is screaming his head off. Usually he calms down after just a couple of minutes, not so much this time. He continues to scream and scream. We make the decision to take him to urgent care to have it checked out.

Max and I are finally called back to see the doctor. She asks me what happens while she is looking at the huge bruise on his head and his puffy lip. Then she looks me in the eye and says, "So, what happened?" Like she didn't believe my story and was accusing me of something. I just calmly explained what happened and then she took a look at his lip and said - "he's fine, just don't let him eat anything like chips for a day." So, Max will be really disappointed that he doesn't get to eat his bag of Ruffles today - but other than that he'll be fine.

This kid is crazy. He is EVERYWHERE all the time. He wants to walk so fast he is practically running at times. It is just so foreign to me - Charlotte was not like this at all. I saw a Styrofoam helmet in a catalog the other day - I'm seriously considering buying it. I just really don't know what to do with him. I just hope he makes it through the next few months with his head and baby teeth in tact. But, I won't be surprised if he looks like a hockey player for his 2 year photos.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Golden Hour

We headed down the lake on Friday to celebrate the birthday of one special lady.
Charlotte wasn't on her best behavior this weekend - I guess she was tired. She has been starting to talk back - a new phase that we get to enjoy. She did pull it together for a while to pay close attention to her cousin's math lesson. I think she was learning estimating and modeling (or something like that).
There was lots of time spent with grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Boat rides, fishing, pancake-making, hugs, and kisses.
Oh, and there was one beautiful photo shoot on Saturday night. The light on their dock about an hour before sunset is incredible. Max was in bed. I bribed Charlotte down to the dock with a cup full of Sprite.
These are some of my favorite images to date.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Weekend

We are headed down to the lake for some family time. Have a good one!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Path


This year I drop you off in a different spot at school. The front of the church. There is a long path that you walk down to your building. Last week I watched you get out of the car, hoist your bag onto your shoulder, and walk down the path - like you belonged there - with such confidence. Your head was high and there was a bounce in your step - not once did you glance back. You know who you remind me of? Your dad. You have the same inner confidence that he has. I think it is something that, to a degree, you are born with. It is just in you. We help foster some more confidence on top - but I do think you have a little more than most to begin with.

It is bittersweet to watch you walk down that path. I'm so happy that you love school and are doing things more and more on your own. It makes me so sad to see the baby I held in my arms, what seems like yesterday, walking into a 3 year old class.

It makes me hopeful that you will continue to walk down whatever path comes your way with your head held high and a bounce in your step - just maybe look back to blow me a kiss next time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Charlotte has started to draw lately.  Not just people, but scenes.  It has been so much fun to watch her sit down with a piece of paper and a crayon or two and really draw.  I just love it.  A big part of me wants to drop everything, grab a crayon and a piece of paper and start drawing too.  I always LOVED drawing as a kid - even took a cartooning class once.  I'm jealous of Charlotte's big empty page and 100s of colorful crayons.


This evening while I was cooking dinner, she was quietly at the table drawing something.  I looked over and asked her why she had a lid to a pot and some of Max's stacking rings.  She said, very matter-of-factly, that she was using them to trace and draw Mickey Mouse.  She said she learned it from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I know you can't keep every picture they draw, but this one I just love.  It's a keeper.


I'm really enjoying this new phase.  It's so magical to watch your children "unlock" these new parts of their brains. 

Monday, September 5, 2011


It gets busy around here and blog posts build up.   Here's what's been happening around the Davis household.

  • Charlotte's first week of school went better than expected.  I was nervous about sending her 5 days a week - I didn't know how she'd do by the end of the week.  She didn't seem too tired by Friday morning, in fact, that was our best morning getting out the door.  She slept until after 8 AM on Saturday morning!!!  I think that may have only been the 4th time in her ENTIRE life she has slept that late.   I think I'm gonna like her going 5 days/week.
  • Speaking of getting out of the door in the mornings, I have changed up our routine.  Charlotte isn't allowed to watch any TV until she is completely ready for school - then she can watch a show until it is time to go.  Previously, she watched TV after breakfast, then around 8:15 we rushed around trying to get ready - there was whining, crying, yelling, etc - not pretty.  Our first morning with the new plan worked really, really well - everyone stayed happy!  Seems like I should have thought of that beforehand, but I didn't.
  • After 8 years with a garage sale purchased patio set, we pulled the trigger and bought a new patio set on Friday night.  We got a fabulous deal at Intown Ace Hardware and love it.  We had a delicious dinner of beef short ribs, collard greens, and black eyed peas al fresco Saturday night.  Now, if only Charlotte hadn't spilled her entire cup of milk on the brand new cushion within the first 2 minutes of dinner.   Case in point why you don't by really nice things when you have young children - just kinda nice things.
  • I bought a can of Chalk Paint at Roost on Saturday.  I read about this stuff and it sounds awesome.  I'm planning to paint our dining room table and chairs.  I haven't started yet - I'm nervous.  Hopefully this week I'll find some time and courage.  
  • I moved a notebook off of the desk one afternoon this week and Charlotte asked why I was moving it.  She then said, "but it's been there for ages."   She's 3 going on 65.
  • We were in the car yesterday after running a few errands.  We were talking about the Fall and what happens in the Fall.  Charlotte said, "Remember, err, remember, yesterfall? when we went to get the pumpkins?"  Cracked us up.  
  • The lovely Jen and her trusty assistant Mariel offered to watch the kiddos last night.  Judd and I had a lovely evening of car shopping and dinner.  
  • Speaking of car shopping, my car had to be towed away for the 2nd time this summer a couple of weeks ago.  This time, the catalytic converter went and melted a hose attached to my breaks (or something like that).  By the time I pulled into the driveway, I had to put all of my weight on the brake pedal for it to depress.  Only 3,000 miles left on the bumper to bumper warranty.  This car scares us.  However, I LOVE it.  It is the perfect size, really comfortable, pretty peppy for a station wagon.  But, I just can't trust it.  So, Judd's out car shopping.  We'll see what I end up with.