Monday, February 27, 2012

Mornings with Max

Max likes to start his day REALLY early - around 5:30AM. When we hear his screaming, one of us stumbles into his room, searches blindly around his crib for a pacifier, sticks the pacifier in his mouth, says a little prayer that he will fall back asleep, comes back to our bed, snuggles down in the covers and braces for the screaming that happens until 6 AM. For some reason, Judd and I think that Max has a clock and knows that 6:00 AM is an OK hour to wake up, but 5:30 isn't. So, I watch my clock, and when it hits 6AM, then I'll go get him. He usually settles down after a few minutes of screaming and may drift off, but mostly kicks his walls, crib, and moans to himself for a half hour.

At 6AM, we come downstairs, get his milk, and cuddle on the couch for a few minutes in the dark. I may turn on the news to see what same 5 stories will repeat for the next hour. Max eventually gets out of his horribly grumpy mood - the kid has yet to wake up truly happy - and will play for a few minutes.


His sister eventually comes downstairs and we all eat breakfast.

I wish he'd give us another hour to sleep in the mornings - 6AM doesn't seem so early to me anymore. But, I know that this too will pass eventually. In the meantime, I'm going to do my best to be a much less grumpy mom in the mornings. It is going to be hard, but I'm really going to try.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Puddle

There are puddles that form in our col-de-sac after every rain. There is one rather deep puddle that never seems to go away. never ever. Up until today it has been my nemesis when I am outside with Max. It pulls him like a magnet to it's dirty, watery pool. He stomps in it soaking his shoes and pants. I go and pull him out and get him interested in something else. 2 minutes later he's running back towards the puddle. It is a battle I just can't win. So, rather than fight it any longer, I just bought him some rain boots.


After the nice wet day we had today, it was time to put them to good use. His sister was ready and willing to show him how it's really done.








They had a blast. But, it all came to a screeching halt when this happened:


Do you see those rocks in her hand? (I can't believe I actually caught this on camera) 1 millisecond after I pressed the shutter button, those rocks flew out of her hand right at her brother's forehead. I don't think she ever meant to do it, because she was shocked when I screamed, "Charlotte Anne!". Judd came outside saying he heard me from inside. She truly was surprised that it had happened - it was one of those weird moments that happen with her every now and then, it's like she's not controlling her body. But, poor Max was on the business end of those rocks. Needless to say, the fun came to a very bad ending. Oh well. The puddle never seems to dry up, so there's always tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 Year Old Appointment


We went into for Charlotte's 4 year old appointment yesterday. She was really excited that it was her turn to go to the doctor since Max has been quite a few times lately - between his ear infections and well visits.

She chatted the doctor's ear off while Max was trying to hurl himself off a chair and I was trying to answer the million and one questions they were asking me. Like, "Does she know the difference between fantasy & reality?" Hmmm, not sure about that one.

They took her away for vision test, hearing test, and height and weight. She's 43 lbs (92%) & 41.3" (82%). The doctor again brought up the fact that her BMI was a little on the high side. I told her there is really nothing else I can do. We have worked on getting wholesome food into her and really try to lay off the sweets, plus, she's very active. It seems like an uphill battle with the sweets. They are EVERYWHERE. We're just doing the best we can. I think she's pretty darn perfect.

She did have a little problem with the hearing test - there was a certain decibel she couldn't hear in the left ear. We'll do a follow up screening when I take Max in for his 18 month well check appointment. If the results are they same she wants me to see a specialist.

She is a happy, healthy 4 year old with a big personality. I can't wait to see what this year brings for her.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy V-Day from my little love bugs.


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Zebra Party

When Charlotte insisted on having a Zebra party for her 4th birthday, I wondered how I was going to pull that off. After thinking of all of our options, I decided that I did not want it at the house. Our house just gets pretty crowded with 15 kids and their parents. So, we opted to have her party at the Little Shop of Stories on the square in Decatur. Turns out it was a pretty good decision.

Judd's parents came into town to help us out. We all went to the bookstore a little early to get everything set up. We arrived at the party space to find it mostly already set up. The party space is a loft at the top of the store. You can look over the railing to the store below. Charlotte LOVED watching the door for her friends. When one would walk in, she would squeal and then run to meet them at the top of the stairs. She was on cloud nine.


Since I have been rather disorganized over the last week, to say the least, I forgot a couple of main party supplies. Like the crayons we were going to use to color Zebra pictures while we waited for all of the party guests to arrive. Fortunately, the bookstore had some expensive ones we could purchase downstairs.

After everyone got there, we had story time. They tailor the story time to your theme. So we had a couple of books about Zebras, but a few jungle books too. I was AMAZED by the children. They sat there for about 25 minutes, good as gold, listening to the stories. It was great.



After story time it was time for zebra cupcakes.



Then each kid took their best whack at the pinata.


They didn't even make a dent. So, Charlotte enlisted some help from the big guns.


It took the "big guns" quite a few whacks before the zebra finally spilled its guts.

Ahhh, more candy!!


After that, it was pretty much over. We said our good byes, kinda cleaned up, packed the car and left.

I considered it to be a pretty successful party - but - only because it was deemed "awesome" by one VERY special 4 year old.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Years Old

She woke up a 4 year old this morning. (Technically, she's not four until around 6:30 tonight).

She put on her "birthday" outfit and sat down to eat a very pretty heart donut her Dad picked out for her. She chomped away amid the loud construction workers talking about the uneven rotted floor in the back of our kitchen. She didn't care, because today is her birthday, and nothing can ruin that.


Judd made her cupcakes last night since I had a meeting. I took them to her class today for snack. She skipped playgroup and ballet and we had lunch at Hippo Hop instead. She jumped and ran and laughed. Until she realized she could no longer jump in the "3&Under" area. Bummer. Oh well, just the price you pay for getting bigger.

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter. The one that made me a mom. Dad and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you oh so much.