Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Puddle

There are puddles that form in our col-de-sac after every rain. There is one rather deep puddle that never seems to go away. never ever. Up until today it has been my nemesis when I am outside with Max. It pulls him like a magnet to it's dirty, watery pool. He stomps in it soaking his shoes and pants. I go and pull him out and get him interested in something else. 2 minutes later he's running back towards the puddle. It is a battle I just can't win. So, rather than fight it any longer, I just bought him some rain boots.


After the nice wet day we had today, it was time to put them to good use. His sister was ready and willing to show him how it's really done.








They had a blast. But, it all came to a screeching halt when this happened:


Do you see those rocks in her hand? (I can't believe I actually caught this on camera) 1 millisecond after I pressed the shutter button, those rocks flew out of her hand right at her brother's forehead. I don't think she ever meant to do it, because she was shocked when I screamed, "Charlotte Anne!". Judd came outside saying he heard me from inside. She truly was surprised that it had happened - it was one of those weird moments that happen with her every now and then, it's like she's not controlling her body. But, poor Max was on the business end of those rocks. Needless to say, the fun came to a very bad ending. Oh well. The puddle never seems to dry up, so there's always tomorrow.

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Drena said...

He looks so big in these pictures!! Where did your baby go?