Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Last Day of School for Max

Max had his last day of school yesterday. He has had a great year. The year started with tears but ended with smiles. He confidently walked into his classroom every day wanting to play with his friends and the toys. He made a few great friends this year that he talks and talks about.

His teachers said that his end of the year book had the fewest pictures in it. (I didn't notice, I thought it looked great!) They said that he was never very interested in the activity they were doing if involved art. He wanted to continue to play with the trucks, trains, cars, whatever sort of "construction" activity they had in the room. In fact, in two of the pictures in his book, he is wearing a hard hat. So, he came home with only a few art projects this year. He can't really hold a crayon and doesn't really care to. He's just not into it. That's Max to a "T" - he'll do stuff when he's ready to do it.


First day of school on the left, last day on the right. According to his end of the year book, he grew 3 inches! Based on the way his pants fit, I'd believe it!