Friday, March 22, 2013

Egg Stuffing

This little girl has been having a bit of a hard time lately. Her teachers have had to "talk to her" at school a couple of times this week . That's not like her and it makes her upset when she feels less than perfect. Her little world has had quite the shake up over the past few weeks with this move, so I'm hoping that this behavior is just an extension of that.

She is the sweetest, most loving child in the world. She has a heart for serving others that makes me so happy.

I just want to hold her and take all of the uncertainty away. I try, but she is getting older and holds onto thoughts of her own these days.

As I type this she is sitting across from me making a birthday card for our new neighbors down the street. They happen to be twin 5 year old girls that she's known since birth. She looks so beautiful concentrating on getting the words right and making sure she draws 5 candles on the cake. I love her dearly.





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